My interdisciplinary research spans three primary areas of inquiry:

  1. The Quo Vadis of Social Welfare in the Middle East: How are social welfare systems organized and how can they be reformed due to unprecedented socioeconomic, political, and demographic changes in the region?

  2. Comparative Social Policy Development in the Gulf region: How social policy institutions and political configurations are changing in the Arab Gulf States and what are the theoretical and policy implications?; and

  3. Family policies, including parenting, policies for children and the governance of family life in the Middle East region: What is the impact of welfare reform on families and children in the region?

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I am interested in Social Welfare in the Middle East region. In this regard, my research focuses on welfare states in the region facing reform pressures due to ongoing globalization, demographic and socio-economic changes. Current projects analyze cross-national differences in welfare state regimes in the post-2011 Arab countries; their capacities to reform social policies and institutional changes. My new handbook on Social Transformation in the Middle East and North Africa forthcoming later this year which addresses these and other questions. As well as scrutinizing policies and their consequences, the book sets out a future research agenda.

A second strand of my work is social policy in the Gulf region, especially from the perspective of the underlying social policy models and approaches. I continue to research the development of social policy in the Gulf region and the effects of social policies on individuals, families, and society; and changing attitudes of citizens towards social policies, carrying out theoretical and empirical work on the guiding concepts of social policy reform in the region. 

Thirdly, I am extending my research on family and policy, being especially interested in the changing nature of family life and the challenges this poses for social policy and societies in the Middle East region. This work leads him towards the analysis of parenting policies, child-related policies, work-life balance, care provision for older people. 

I serve as the Middle East and North Africa Regional Organizing Partner of United Nations NGO Major Group to promote the engagement of non-governmental organizations in the processes, directly and indirectly, related to the United Nations High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. I work to organize positions on behalf of the members to be delivered in various United Nations spaces.


Systems for care for families and children

Comparative welfare state analysis & social security

Family policy and child welfare 

Evaluation research