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I am currently leading several exciting research projects, including:

"The Impact of the Pandemic on Family Life Across Cultures": Sponsored by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) at the United Nations, this study is being conducted in 72 countries around the world. Its goal is to understand the impact of the pandemic on families and relationships, and to provide policymakers with insights on how to support families during this challenging time. "


"Managing Social Transformation in Qatar": Sponsored by HBKU, this project aims to provide policymakers with a comprehensive understanding of the risks, trends, and future trajectories of social transformation in Qatar. By examining four strategic areas - higher education, technology in public health, national culture, and social welfare - we hope to provide a holistic understanding of the forces shaping Qatar's future.


"Digital Transformation and Future of Jobs and Skills in Qatar": Sponsored by HBKU, this project aims to understand the impact of digital transformation on the future of jobs and skills in Qatar. By examining the forces, gaps, and opportunities in the digital age, we hope to provide strategic insights for policymakers and educators.


"Risk Assessment of Communicable Diseases among Migrant Workers in Qatar": Sponsored by the Ministry of Public Health, this project aims to assess the prevalence and risk factors for communicable diseases among migrant workers in Qatar. By understanding the health needs of this vulnerable population, we hope to provide policymakers with the information they need to protect and support the health of all members of the community.

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